Operating in food production area since 2009, Yat Market Food Tourism Cons Ind. and Co. aims to play a pioneering role in its working area. The considerable development of science and technology in the last 20 years provide the advantage for companies to come out of the local area and offer their products more easily to the world market.

Our desire and persistence to offer local tastes to the world market by using the benefits of globalization is our greatest motivation source.

Our first target is to reach all parts of the world and to introduce our products to the people with LUCY’S brand that we have released as Yat Market Co.

The selection of the best raw material and close cooperation with our customers are base on our success, at the same time, it is the cornerstone of improving the diversity and quality of our product.

It is essential for us to protect the natural ones and as well as the carry out all necessary analysis and controls for “safe and clean food”.